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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Paul W. Frields announced[1] the Fedora 11 Alpha, as well as an explanation of why Alpha releases exist and how you can get a sneak-peek at what will be in the next release while helping Fedora improve.

Dwayne Bailey developed[2] a system to manage the localization of software and integrated[3] it with some existing libraries to produce Virtaal[4].

Gary Benson continued[5] his excellent series "Inside Zero and Shark", a must-read for anyone interested in virtual machines or Java internals.

Dave Jones explained[6] the status of Dracut, "the shiny new initramfs creation tool."

Chris Tyler wrote[7],[8] [9] about getting a multiseat system set up using a single computer and dual ATI R710 video cards.

Steven Moix benchmarked[10],[11] the performance of Solid State Disks using various I/O schedulers running on Fedora 10.

Tim Waugh showed off[12] the eye candy of system-config-printer that can be expected in Fedora 11.

Adrian Likins pondered[13] the availability of "a mailing list summary page. The page would scan the mailing lists, and post the content most likely to need attention." Fedora Weekly News?

Michael DeHaan shared[14] an essay, "Lessons Learned From OSS Software Development".

Tim Waugh described[15] "How I use git" which shows some useful tips and tricks.

Venkatesh Hariharan wrote[16] a draft FOSS manifesto for Indian political parties, which could actually be valuable for any country in the world.


So many people have written about attending FOSDEM that it would take an entire issue of FWN post all of the links. Instead an arbitrarily selection will be randomly chosen.

Pierros Papadeas took[1] a nice set of photos including some general shots of Brussels.

Joerg Simon got[2] some shots of the Fedora booth.