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Security Week

In this section, we highlight the security stories from the week in Fedora.

Contributing Writer: JoshBressers

April Fools!

Probably the biggest not story this week was the Conficker Worm not ending the world on April 1. From a security perspective, designing the worm to activate on April 1 was brilliant. The Internet is probably 90% nonsense on any given day, but April 1 pushes that dial to an 11. If you want to do something and not get the word out, do it on April 1. Had the worm actually done something interesting, would anyone believe the story?

April Fools?

The other biggest non April Fools story is probably OpenSSL 1.0.0 Beta 1 [1] being released on April 1. Openssl has been at version 0.9 for as long as most people can remember. It's great to see it nearing version 1.0.0