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This section covers the news surrounding the Fedora Translation (L10n) Project[1].

Contributing Writer: Runa Bhattacharjee

Links for Untranslated Books Missing from Language Pages

Domingo Becker informed[1] that links to Fedora books were missing from the individual language start pages on, if the books were not translated for that particular language. He suggested that the links to the English books can be added here to avoid confusion as well as to encourage new translators to join in.

Ruediger Landmann replied[2] that the links are automatically generated based upon the existing versions of the books for a language and this list cannot be modified manually. As an alternative, all the books can be rebuild for each language, even if they are untranslated or by suppressing partial translations, which would allow all the books being listed. But this would result in storing multiple copies of same content in the repository. He has also suggested adding a note on the Welcome page to inform visitors to check the full list of documents by changing to the English page.

Introduction Paragraph of Fedora Live Images Missing

Due to a mismatch in the Publican version used for building .PO files and publishing them, a number of translated strings from the 'Fedora Live Images' document do not show up in the build version of the book[1]. Ruediger Landmann explained that this format was being used to prevent major breakages in the strings that would have happened by using publican 1.6.3 to update the books, ahead of Fedora GA. At present, Rudi can refresh these documents again, this time using publican 1.6.3 as per requests from Language teams[2].

Spanish Translation of FPCA Available

The Spanish translation of the updated Fedora Project Contributor Agreement is now available at . [1]

Missing Strings in Fedora Website Files

Thomas Canniot reported[1] about some missing strings in the master=>fedoraproject .POT file. Although an msgmerge was run by Ricky Zhou, the strings are still missing probably due to them not being marked for translation[2].

Fedora 13 GA Announcement in Italian and Spanish

The Italian and Spanish translations[1] for the Fedora 13 GA Announcement is now available in the main Announcement Page[2].

Suggestion for Detailed Description of Translation Components

Members of the Simplified Chinese translation team suggested[1] adding detailed description about the various components available on, that would help translators identify the context where the strings from the particular component are being finally used.

New Members in FLP

Nuno Miranda (Portuguese)[1], Krzysztof Trzewiczek (Polish)[2], John Fert (French)[3] recently joined the Fedora Localization Project.