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This section covers the news surrounding the Fedora Translation (L10n) Project[1].

Contributing Writer: Runa Bhattacharjee

FLP Infrastructure to Move to

Members of the FLP, Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora Project Leader Jared Smith and Paul Frields met on 15th February 2011[1] to discuss about the proposal to move the Fedora Translation infrastructure to It was unanimously accepted that the current infrastructure cannot be maintained at present due to the lack of administrative resources and the move to accepted. Further meetings with the other affected groups - Fedora Devel, Fedora Documentation team have also been scheduled. Dimitris Glezos would be leading the migration effort[2] with other members of the FLP pitching in for the additional tasks[3].

The migration has been marked as a major priority to be put in place for Fedora 15 Translation. As the string freeze date coincided with the meeting date, there are fears that the translation time may be reduced for the translators.

Concerns were also raised by several members. FLSCo member Noriko and Runa suggested that an exit plan be also put in place to keep open the option to host the infrastructure on Fedora Servers again in future.

Full meeting log is here[4].

Insight Translation Proposal

Andrea Veri from the Fedora Insight team has requested volunteers from Fedora Localization Project to help with the translation of the contents on the portal[1]. At present, this content cannot be translated using the Transifex instance on due to technical reasons[2].

Additionally, Andrea also called for contributions[3] from Localization teams, for the new blog aggregator at Planet Edited[4].

Proposal for a FAS Group for Experienced Translators

Piotr Drąg has put forward a proposal[1] to create a new FAS group for translators with advanced experience, who would be allowed to commit directly into the backend repositories for the Fedora Packages. This would allow members from the FLP to quicky fix L10n related problems.

New Members in FLP

Danny Stieben (German)[1] joined the FLP recently.