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In this section, we cover discussion of Fedora virtualization technologies on the @et-mgmnt-tools-list, @fedora-xen-list, @libvirt-list and @ovirt-devel-list lists.

Contributing Writer: Dale Bewley

Libvirt List

This section contains the discussion happening on the libvir-list.

Status and Plans for Next Release

Daniel Veillard recapped[1] the plans for the next release. A "feature freeze on the 22nd" and a "target for next release is Friday 29th".

Work will continue on "reviewing and adding OpenNebula[2]/Power[3] drivers and try to get the NPIV[4], netcf[5] and secure migration patches in. It's likely not everything will make the release cut but we can try !"

"So far we have mostly a lot of bug fixes and VirtualBox[6] driver updates commited since 0.6.3."

Support for Multi-headed Guests

Patches from Pritesh Kothari adding support for multiple graphics devices have been committed[1]

Virtual Box Support Increases

Pritesh Kothari contributed patches improving the VirtualBox[1] driver submitted[2] just last month.

  • "support for vrdp/sdl/gui"[3]
  • "support for "Host only" and "Internal" networks"[4]

PCI Passthrough Support

Aaron Clausen had[1] trouble using PCI passthrough[2].

Daniel Berrange noted[3] "there aren't any docs on the [libvirt] website yet, but Mark McLoughlin just wrote up some notes[4] for the Fedora 11 virt test" day.

Daniel also noted "you need a machine supporting VT-D[5]" (or IOMMU[6] in general) "for this work - the vast majority of hosts with fullvirt support do *not* yet support VT-D passthrough, but perhaps you're lucky ..."

Converting Between Domain XML and Native Configurations

Daniel Berrange updated[1] patches for an idea posted in April. Daniel added a public API for converting back and forth between the native hypervisor configurations and Package-x-generic-16.pnglibvirt XML representations[2].

Daniel's changes enable Xen guest conversion "to/from both XM config format (/etc/xen files), and the SEXPR format used by XenD". "For QEMU, it implemnets export of domain XML into the QEMU argv format" and conversion from QEMU argv into domain XML.

"With this available, it makes it very easy for people using QEMU to switch over to using libvirt for management."