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Fedora Weekly News Issue 172

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 172 for the week ending April 19th, 2009.

This week Announcements rubs its hands with glee over the "Fedora 11" freeze. Similarly Artwork enthuses about "Fedora 11 Landing" with great Leonidas themes including a surprise for wide-screen setups. Developments gushes about "Presto and DeltaRPM Status" and SecurityWeek asks the interesting question "Who in the Linux World Would be Responsible for a Worm?". SecurityAdvisories faithfully lists updates that might just help avoid that worm. With a red face we draw your attention with an Erratum to last week's missing QualityAssurance beat. This week's QualityAssurance beat "Test Days" advertizes the upcoming minimal installation testing and reports in "Weekly meetings" that PulseAudio issues with snd-intel-hda and snd-intel8x0 are resolved. Translation reports on the availability of a bulky "Fedora 11 Installation Guide Ready for Translation".

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FWN Editorial Team: Pascal Calarco, Oisin Feeley, Huzaifa Sidhpurwala

Erratum: Missing QualityAssurance Beat in FWN#171

Last week (FWN#171) your painstaking QualityAssurance correspondent, Adam Williamson, wrote a very readable account of the activity around the UEFI BIOS replacement, Graphics-card Metrics and a lot more. Somehow we omitted to include this in the plaintext issue. With apologies to Adam and to our readers we suggest you take a look at our archived web version[1].