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Fedora Weekly News Issue 133

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 133 for the week ending July 5, 2008.

If you are interested in contributing to Fedora Weekly News, please see our 'join' page. Being a Fedora Weekly News beat writer gives you a chance to work on one of our community's most important sources of news, and can be done in only about 1 hour per week of your time.

We are still looking for beat writers to summarize the Fedora Events and Meetings that happened during each week.

Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Max Spevack

Func and Certmaster 0.20 Released

Michael DeHaan announced on his blog[1] that Func and Certmaster have both just seen new releases.

"This showcases significantly improved asynchronous support as well as the future of Funcweb. We should also have multi-overlord delegation for extra-large (read: global) setups implemented pretty soon. More releases short start following at greater frequency."

He also included links to the official project pages, for anyone who desires more information.


Transifex receives some updates

Diego Búrigo Zacarão wrote on his blog about two improvements to Transifex.

"We have a quite stable version of Transifex using:

   * SQLAlchemy 0.4.6
   * Genshi 0.5
   * ToscaWidgets 0.9.2
   * TurboGears"[1]

Also, i18n support in Transifex has been split into two different potfiles[2]. "All strings related with the source code will be stored in the 'po/view/' directory and strings coming from database, into the 'po/data/'."



Inkscape tutorials

Ryan Lerch has posted three new Inkscape tutorials on his blog[1].

"After a month or so of laziness, i have finally updated the inkscape tutorials blog with 3 fresh tutorials for all to try!"


New Fedora business cards

Ian Weller has been working on a new design for Fedora business cards[1].

"List of changes:

   * Added “infinity | freedom | voice” to front
   * Added “” to front
   * Removed GPG key fingerprint
   * Moved Fedora logo to top and inverse on blue bar
   * Created blue bars at top and bottom
   * Removed back"


Bug Triage meeting

John Poelstra wrote on his blog[1]:

"Our weekly bug triage meeting hasn't happened for several weeks and we'd like to resume them again. Some of us were tied up with other things and some people were unable to make the time. Also after having a few meetings with one or two people it seemed unclear how best to proceed.

So... we know there are a lot of people interested in bug triage but past meeting attendance hasn't been good so we'd like to try and fix that. At least two or three people sign up for the 'fedorabugs' group every day so there is a disconnect there somewhere we need to fix. And if you think weekly meetings aren’t the way to go and there is a better way to proceed please put it forward."