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Breaking News on the Infrastructure Outage

This special issue of FWN will be updated to reflect new information as soon as it is made available to us. Currently we are still relying on the information posted by Paul Frields on @fedora-infrastructure just like the rest of you. As reported in FWN#139 "General Outage of Fedora Infrastructure" all that is known is that the problems became obvious to a wide audience on August 13th.


An update[2] was posted by Paul Frields on 18 August which states:

Our team has been hard at work for several days now, restoring services in the Fedora infrastructure. We started with what we identified as Fedora's "critical path," those systems required to restore minimum daily operation. That work to be completely finished by the end of the day. We then move on to our other value services to complete them as soon as possible.

Please give the infrastructure team the time they need to do this demanding work. They have been doing a spectacular job and deserve the absolute highest credit.

The systems that are now back online and usable include the following:

  • Puppet, Xen and FAS hosts
  • app1, app3, and app4
  • database and proxy servers
  • the majority of the Xen guest machines
  • serverbeach5, serverbeach4
  • Fedora Hosted**

The systems that should be available very soon:

  • asterisk1 and collab1
  • cvs1
  • builders, x86 and ppc
  • Fedora People

We know the community is awaiting more detail on the past week's activities and their causes. We're preparing a timeline and details and will make them available in the near future. We appreciate the community's patience, and will continue to post updates to the fedora-announce-list as soon as possible.


    • New SSH fingerprint for Fedora Hosted: