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== Dependencies ==
== Dependencies ==
Many.  See the list  
Many.  See the list above, and also [http://www.aeolusproject.org/page/Packages_Missing_From_Fedora].
== Contingency Plan ==
== Contingency Plan ==

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Feature Name Aeolus Conductor


Aeolus Conductor (http://aeolusproject.org) is a cross-cloud IaaS platform.


  • Email: clalance@redhat.com

Current status


  • 2011-05-25 - Initial Feature submission

Detailed Description

Aeolus is an umbrella for a number of cloud related projects. The projects all come together to create the Conductor, a Web UI and tools for managing cloud instances across heterogeneous clouds. For instance, a user can build and launch instances into EC2, RHEV-M, and Rackspace all from the same UI.

Benefit to Fedora

Allow Fedora to have a hybrid cloud-management stack.


Get all dependencies into Fedora, and test the project end-to-end.

How To Test

Install all dependencies. Once installed, run "aeolus-configure" as root to configure the system. Once aeolus-configure has completed, login to the host at http://some.host.org/conductor and test the UI end-to-end, including building images, uploading images to specific clouds, and launching instances in the clouds. More information is available at [1].

User Experience


Many. See the list above, and also [2].

Contingency Plan


Release Notes

The Aeolus Conductor is a web UI and tools to create and manage cloud instances across a wide variety of cloud types, all from the same UI. More information about the UI and what is supported is available at [3].

Comments and Discussion


If you need help, please contact us.