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Better LIRC support



  • Name: BastienNocera

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 10
  • Last updated: 30 June 2008
  • Percentage of completion: 30%

All the required lirc patches are now in lirc upstream and in rawhide. Work is on-going upstream on the gnome-lirc-properties Fedora-specific patches, as well as upstream blocker bugs.

More changes will be necessary to allow applications to provide some sensible default keybindings.

Detailed Description

Currently setting up LIRC remote controls requires a lot of editing, by hand, with little or no hand-holding. It should be possible to use an infra-red remote control without needing to use a terminal, or edit text files by hand.

Benefit to Fedora

Easier to use.


Will require changes to lirc, as well as inclusion of gnome-lirc-properties. We might also need to modify some applications to be setup out of the box.

Test Plan

Using a supported remote control, we should be able to control Totem or Rhythmbox without needing access to a terminal.

User Experience

Easier to use!


Contingency Plan

This feature does not affect any other parts of the system, so no contingency plans are required.


Release Notes