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Consistent Network Device Naming


On systems with multiple network ports, allow use of BIOS-provided port names instead of ethX.


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Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 15
  • Last updated: 2010-10-26
  • Percentage of completion: 00%

Detailed Description

Systems, particularly servers, with multiple network ports, name the ports ethX in a non-deterministic order, and are therefore not useful for system administrators.

The proposal is as follows:

  • revive biosdevname from a dead.package
  • provide a kickstart option to use biosdevname in udev rules
  • have kickstart / anaconda use the biosdevname-provided names
  • ensure postinstall udev uses biosdevname in udev rules

Benefit to Fedora

System Administrators can then use BIOS-provided names, which are consistent and not arbitrarily named, for their network ports. This eliminates the confusion that non-deterministic naming brings, and eliminates the use of hard-coded MAC address based port renaming which a) is racy and error-prone, and b) introduces state into an otherwise stateless system.


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