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Desktop Live Image Target


Desktop Live image is moving from CD sized ones to targeting a 1 GB Live USB


Current status

  • Targeted release:  ??
  • Last Updated: 2010-03-30
  • Percentage of completion: 80%

Detailed Description

It has increasingly become harder to squeeze the packages we want to include into a CD sized image and we have had to sacrifice the user experience in the past. We are now moving to targeting a Live USB instead of Live CD's. The benefit is that we can include key packages like and gimp among others. This would leave us more room to accommodate size increases in the existing package set as well as include more new ones as necessary in the future.

Benefit to Fedora

Better out of box experience including a better set of default packages.


Replace abiword with the office group in the kickstart file. Remove some of the exclusions that were dictated by space constraints from the kickstart file.

How To Test

  • Use Fedora Live USB creator to create a live usb and ensure that it works well
  • dd command works
  • livecd-iso-to-disk script from livecd-tools works

User Experience

Plugging in a printer just works, whenever this is possible. The LiveCD does not have to ship with printer drivers on it.


  • Website and additional documentation changes required

Contingency Plan

Already completed. So none required.


We have documented it in the release notes but appropriate changes needs to be made in the following places

  • get.fp.o should note that it is not a CD sized image and recommend using the Live USB
  • Documentation on burning the image should be changed
  • Installation guide needs to be document this

Changes done:

Release Notes

Comments and Discussion