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Disk Manager

Feature Review


Disk Manager is app which sits in tray near the clock and announces when new partition detected. Features managing partitions, mounting and unmounting, enabling write support for ntfs (ntfs-3g required) etc .


  • JakubRusinek (packaging)

Current status

  • Targeted release: N/A
  • Last updated:
  • Percentage of completion: 25%

Detailed description

Users, especially newbies, do not like terminal, and digging into configuration files. Many of them are using Windows in dual-boot and wish to have access to their files without special knowledge.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora is now easy, but some questions, like ntfs write support require digging into terminal. Letting user to not use terminal is good. It's mostly usability improvement.


Requires approving package and putting into LiveCD and DVD in autostart.

Test plan

  • Create LiveCD with disk-manager and test if it really works and makes life easier.

User experience


ntfs-3g on the same ISO (done already).

Contingency plan

  • Leave ISO untouched and tell users to install disk-manager when ntfs write support is needed.


Release notes


  • Do not afraid to tell me what you think.