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Set Empathy as the default IM client


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 12
  • Last updated: 2009-03-04
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

In the F10 cycle, GNOME added Empathy. During discussion this Ubuntu evaluation was cited. General consensus was that we would like to revisit Empathy for this F11 cycle, keeping track of which issues have been fixed in the Ubuntu evaluation, as well as any we want to add.

Benefit to Fedora

Stay in sync with upstream. Get an IM client that is closely integrated with the rest of the desktop.


Outstanding issues:

  • Track bugs fixed upstream
    • #548718 Collapsing "Advanced" section doesn't return Accounts window to original size
    • #548716 First text field when adding account (e.g. "Login ID") isn't focused by default
    • #548707 "New Account" title and "I already have an account" checkbox are contradictory
    • #548704 "Add" button requires further action but lacks an ellipsis
    • #548712 "Create" button in Accounts window doesn't create an account
    • #535042 All IRC chats are titled "Conversation" instead of with channel name (fixed)
  • Fedora issues:
    • #474243 SELinux policy for tp-sofiasip
  • Reevaluate Empathy around alpha time

Test Plan

For Empathy:

  • Try various protocols: XMPP, MSN, etc.
  • Try using Fedora Talk.
  • Try Google Talk/XMPP.
  • Look at the things that were called out in the Ubuntu review. Have they improved ?

User Experience

For upgrades, Pidgin will remain the default. For new installations, we'll use Empathy.



Contingency Plan

  • Stay with Pidgin as the default IM client.


Release Notes

Fedora 11 includes the latest version of the Gnome desktop. Gnome 2.24 included a new instant messaging application, Empathy, that replaces Pidgin as the default instant messenger in Fedora.

For more information about what is new in Gnome, see the Gnome 2.24 release notes.

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