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Update GNOME 3 to the latest upstream release


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 16
  • Last updated: 6-24-2011
  • Percentage of completion: 10%

The first release of the gnome-contacts application has been packaged and is under review. GNOME components have been updated in rawhide to the 3.1.2 development release. Most of the GNOME 3.2 features are currently under heavy development upstream.

Detailed Description

After the major update in Fedora 15, the GNOME desktop returns to its usual model of evolutionary refinements:

  • System Settings will gain an "Online Accounts" panel, which provides a central point for managing online accounts like Google, Facebook etc. Setting up e.g. a Google account in this panel will make gmail, contacts and calendar in evolution work out of the box, the gnome-shell calendar will be populated as well, and empathy will have gtalk set up automatically.
  • Contacts is a new contact management application integrating with Empathy, Evolution and the new "Online Accounts" settings panel
  • Documents is a new document management application, which provides a simpler alternative to traditional file management for both local and "in-cloud" documents
  • Quick File Previews provide a way to quickly view different kind of files in Nautilus or Documents
  • More components will be updated to integrate better with GNOME Shell:
    • The Login Screen will receive a visual overhaul to match the overall desktop theme
    • NetworkManager and gnome-keyring will use GNOME Shell's system dialogs for authentification
    • IBus will be fully integrated into the top bar
  • Integrated color management
  • Application will be able to expose actions in the application menu of the shell's top bar
  • GNOME Shell gains an integrated On-screen keyboard, both for accessibility and keyboard-less devices (tablets)

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora stays in sync with upstream.

Some of the 3.2 work is targeted at closing 'gaps' that the initial 3.0 release had, compared to the mature GNOME 2.x desktop.


  • Keep existing Gnome packages updated
  • Package new dependencies such as
  • Package sushi (the file previewer)
  • Package gnome-contacts [#712923]
  • Package gnome-documents

How To Test

Things that need particular testing attention (more work needed here):

  • 'fallback for the new login screen on incapable hardware'
  • on-screen keyboard functionality in 'special' situations: shell overview, system dialogs, password dialogs, message notifications
  • online accounts functionality that cuts across many components: setting up your Google account in the online accounts panel should automatically lead to working email and calendar setups in evolution and a google talk setup in empathy, and the gnome-shell calendar should be automatically populated as well. Credentials should be shared across all these components without any repeated logins.

User Experience

The integration of Online Accounts/Documents should bring the user experience of the desktop closer to the web. Ongoing integration with GNOME Shell increases the general polish of the desktop. The GDM login screen will appear in the GNOME 3 style.


Depends on upstream Gnome, see the Gnome 3.2 schedule

Contingency Plan

If Gnome 3.2 does not happen in time for Fedora 16, ship a prerelease like 3.1.92.


See the Gnome 3.2 feature page, or the release notes once the upstream release has happened.

Release Notes

Fedora 16 includes the latest version of the GNOME 3 desktop, 3.2. For more information about what is new in Gnome, see the Gnome 3.2 release notes.

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