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Feature Name Guile2


Update GNU Guile to version 2.0.x in Fedora 19.


  • Email: <>

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: 2013-01-21
  • Percentage of completion: 50%

Detailed Description

  • compat-guile18 (
  • patch existing packages to

Current guile package will be upgraded to 2.0.x.

compat-guile18 package will provide additional time for the packages to be ported to guile-2.0.x.

Benefit to Fedora

New version of GNU Guile will be available. Further development will be based on this package instead of the old version.


For the packages listed in Dependencies section, there are two ways of proceeding after upgrading Guile.

a) The packages will have to be patched to Require and BuildRequire the compat-guile18(-devel) package. Furthermore, they will have to be patched (if necessary) to use the renamed autotools macros.

b) The packages will be ported to use the new API.

Since b) is not trivial, a) would be the preferred way to proceed. The patches to spec files and autotools macros are easy to implement.

TODO Current packages will not have to be rebuilt (there are no soname bumps in the compat package).

How To Test

  • guile-1.8.8 should be properly obsoleted by compat-guile18.
  • guile-1.8.8 should be properly upgraded to guile-2.0.x.
  • If both compat-guile18 and guile-2.0.x are installed, there should be no
  • conflicts.
  • All affected packages build and run without any problems.

User Experience

End Users:

  • No visible changes to the end user.


  • New Guile functionality and API.


  • Some rebuilds and small patches needed. See Scope and Dependencies sections.


  • TeXmacs
  • aisleriot
  • autogen
  • coot
  • denemo
  • drgeo
  • freehoo
  • freetalk
  • g-wrap
  • geda-gattrib
  • geda-gnetlist
  • geda-gschem
  • geda-gsymcheck
  • geda-utils
  • gnubik
  • gnucash
  • gnurobots
  • gnutls-guile
  • graphviz-guile
  • guile-cairo
  • guile-devel
  • guile-lib
  • libctl
  • libgeda
  • lilypond
  • mdk
  • rumor
  • trackballs
  • xbindkeys

Contingency Plan

None necessary.


Release Notes

No need for a release notes entry.

Comments and Discussion