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= Feature Name Improve System Configs =
= Improve System Configs =
== Summary ==
== Summary ==

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[edit] Improve System Configs

[edit] Summary

Improve system-config-* apps to be more user friendly, and have a better design making it more ui compliant and smart looking to users.

[edit] Owner

  • Email: <juanmabcmail@gmail.com>

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: (DATE)
  • Percentage of completion: XX%

[edit] Detailed Description

Rework system-config-* to be more modern and better looking.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

Smart experience to users.

[edit] Scope

Improve every system-config-* app to be more ui friendly. Following strongly ui design guidelines.

[edit] How To Test

Minimally all the app functionality should be backwards compatible if not reworked to improve.

[edit] User Experience

Better "Fedora" experience, as settings is a distro issue.

[edit] Dependencies


[edit] Contingency Plan

Keep the current system-config-* apps.

[edit] Documentation

  • gnome ui guidelines
  • kde ui guidelines
  • anaconda ui

[edit] Release Notes

  • Improved system-config-* apps.

[edit] Comments and Discussion