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Feature Name

Renaming file and folder name in open/save dialogue box


For speedy work by user. we need option to change the file or folder name in open or save dialogue box in all the Fedora.(This is not specific to applications.)


  • Name: Manish Runwal
  • email:

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 40
  • Last updated: 30-Nov-2009
  • Percentage of completion: 0% ( I am not developer for this features, But looking for someone knows the system)

Detailed Description

Myself is programmer. I have generally creates the pages. and when I found that I want to save the page. I hit on save(keeping perticular name in mind to give that filename) but later I found that, expected filename which is already their. now I don't want to overwrite that file. so I decided to change existing file name(which is already their in system). but for that I have to open dolphin/nautilius for it and go that file and rename that file. as this is very long process.

What I am expecting? When I am on save or open dialogue box. I get option to rename the file. so that it will be easier for us change the file name.

Benefit to Fedora

This will be easier and pleasant for all users. and it will avoid extra loading of the application for just renaming the file.


This features needs to work in all applications. This has to work in gedit, kate, kwrite, openoffice's open and save dialogues. But we always have to remember their permission to change the file name/foldername.

How To Test

Testing is fairly very simple. let say in your home/[username]/documents folder you have one file called abc.txt

0. In gedit/kate/kwrite create one file.

1. click on save. then you will see save dialogue box. now lets imaging that you are on home/[username]/documents this folder. and you see that abc.txt already exist. and you want give name to new file as abc.txt file. but before doing you want to change existing abc.txt to abc1.txt.

2. So you will press F2 (shortcut for renaming) and on the same dialog rename option appears. where you will change abc.txt to abc1.txt and now for new file I will give abc.txt and click on save.

3. File need to be saved.

Do you feel its bit complicated to understand? I will explain it again. if you want.

User Experience

They will see fastest way to change the file/folder name on the fly. Please note that we have to check folder/file permission which is going to change.


Not sure.

Contingency Plan

It has to work in all application's dialogue boxes


  • This will be new features where any fedora user can able to change file/folder on the fly. as for just renaming the folde/file he don't have to open dolphin or nautilius.

Release Notes

  • This will be new features for fedora 13

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