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Indic Typing Booster


Indic Typing Booster is predictive text entry system for ibus and scim input method framework. It will start suggesting complete words based on your entered characters, one can simply select word from list and boost his typing speed as well enjoy typing.


  • Email:,

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 15
  • Last updated: (22-12-2010)
  • Percentage of completion: 10%

Detailed Description

This is a input method engine using scim-table and ibus-table in the background for processing its language database. More information about project can be found at

The mission on this project is provide user friendly predictive input text entry for Indic language users.

Benefit to Fedora

User can create content in his native language wit enhanced speed, accuracy.


Since after few characters hits user can get expected work in candidate windows. he can quickly select that.

Example: Entering word 'भारतीय' with itranse keyboard required 'bhaaratiiy' 9 keys press. With Indic Typing Booster it will required only 6 key press, after inputting "bhaar" user can get 'भारतीय' in suggestion box, and then just need to press corresponding number key and done.


Since the suggestions come from validated words database, the selected words always give 100% accurate word. Note: Though present generated database is from random websites data, but in long time from community help, we can review these words and surely make them 100% accurate as per standard.


Indic script are complex since it does not render the way we enter it. It has reordering ( क ि -> कि ), feature conjunct feature ( क ् ष -> क्ष) as well split matras. Many times new user not familiar with these things and can enter wrong or invalid data. Indic Typing Booster give easiness to it. As user not required to enter complete word.

Adding New Words: One can add new words in IME's database. So those will also appear in suggestion box.

Its easy with scim-table, type phrase/word and then hit control+'=', user will be prompted for corresponding key just add key and done.


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