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Feature Name

KDE 4.2


Rebase to KDE 4.2


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 29
  • Last updated: 2008-12-11
  • Percentage of completion: xx%

KDE 4.1.80 already imported to Rawhide.

Detailed Description

We are going to rebase KDE to 4.2 version. The aim of upstream KDE team is to bring feature rich release comparable to old KDE 3.5 one. PolicyKit-KDE is KDE frontend for PolicyKit, which is extensively used all around the whole Fedora distribution. Same for the Network Manager - plasma applet is next step in its support in KDE and Fedora. PowerDevil will help with power management - very important part of this feature especially for laptop users. We'd also like to include KOffice 2 - new version of KDE's office suite.

New features overview

  • KDE 4.2
  • PolicyKit-KDE
  • Network Manager Plasma applet
  • PowerDevil
  • KOffice 2
  • Make KDE startup faster

Benefit to Fedora

KDE is popular desktop environment among Fedora users and KDE 4.2 brings to users missing features from previous releases of 4th generation KDE. It's comparable to the old 3.5 one.


How To Test

User Experience


Depends on upstream KDE 4.2 release, see schedule.

Currently 4.2 Beta 2 was tagged (2008-11-12). Final release is planned on January 27th, 2009.

Contingency Plan

Given how the KDE 4.2 and Fedora 11 schedules align, there should be plenty of buffer time between the KDE 4.2 and Fedora 11 releases. We are already working on importing and polishing beta version of KDE. In case of problems with upstream release we can revert to older release or we can omit individual problematic modules of this feature. KDE 4.2 could be later shipped as an update.


We are going to prepare Fedora KDE Destop User Guide as part of this feature.

Release Notes


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