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3. What are the expected results of those actions?
3. What are the expected results of those actions?
1. Install liberation fonts 2.00.0 version
* Install liberation fonts 2.00.0 version
2. See the differences.  
* See the differences.  
3. Check rendering of your test in Libre Office.
* Check rendering of your test in Libre Office.
== User Experience ==
== User Experience ==

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Enhanced version of Liberation fonts having more script coverage, better license and improved hinting.


  • Email:

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: 2012-07-18
  • Percentage of completion: 50%

Detailed Description

Liberation fonts is one of the important font in Fedora distribution.

  • Provides metric compatibility with Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New fonts of Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Default fonts in Libre Office.


  • Existing License of liberation fonts is complex.
  • Over the last couple of years we have requested RFE's to increase coverage of Liberation fonts to support more scripts.
    • "RFE: Add Greek Polytonic support to Liberation fonts" #473842
    • "Serbian glyphs for Wikipedia" #657849
  • We are noticing some tricky Hinting issues. #591554, #591556, #606217 #768067, #768067


  • Upstream latest release 2.00.0 based on google croscore fonts resolves all these issues.

Benefit to Fedora

  • Liberation fonts-2.00.0 is as per Fedora project recommended OFL license.
  • Provide more character covarage.
    • Latest Version - Older Version
    • 2302 (sans) - 667
    • 2274 (mono) - 666
    • 2303 (serif) - 662

With this we can resolved RFE for Greek Polytonic support.

  • Improved hinting.


  • 1. Upstream release based on croscore fonts.
  • 2. Package liberation-narrow-sans as a different package in Fedora. Since licensing issues still not fixed for Liberation Sans Narrow
  • 3. Build latest liberation fonts 2.00.0 for Rawhide
  • 4. Testing and bugfixing

How To Test

  • Install liberation fonts 2.00.0 version
  • See the differences.
  • Check rendering of your test in Libre Office.

User Experience

1. Improved character coverage. 2. Better hinting effect.


1. Feature owner is leading upstream Liberation fonts project.

Contingency Plan

  • 1. Need to see first testing reports from users after packaging latest version in Fedora rawhide/18.
  • 2. If users reporting major problems for against improved version. We can roll back to older version of Liberation fonts. 1.07.2


  • No

Release Notes

  • Improved version of Liberation fonts providing more coverage and better hinting.

Comments and Discussion