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Replace current Gnome display Manager with FreeDesktop's LightDM


  • Email: <your email address so we can contact you, invite you to meetings, etc.>

Current status

  • Targeted release: [[Releases/<number> | Fedora <number> ]]
  • Last updated: (DATE)
  • Percentage of completion: XX%

Detailed Description

The older gnome releases (pre 2.18, i think) had customizable login themes. This feature had regressed during gnome 2 overhaul. LightDM brings themes back to the login page.

Benefit to Fedora

Improved user experience, personalize login screen.


How To Test

User Experience

They can write their own login themes or use one that is available. On applying a login theme, they will see the gnome login theme in the user login screen as soon as the system boots.


Contingency Plan


Release Notes

Comments and Discussion