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Maithili (autonym: मैथिली maithilī) is of the family of Indo-aryan languages, which are part of the Indo-Iranian branch of the indo-european languages. It is spoken in the Indian state of Bihar and in the eastern Terai region of Nepal. Linguists consider Maithili to be an Eastern Indic language, and thus a different language from Hindi, which is Central Indic. Maithili has been considered a dialect of both Hindi and Bengali, and in fact was classified as a mother tongue of Hindi in the Census of India. In 2003 Maithili gained the status of an independent language in India. A movement to give the language official status through inclusion in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution so that it may be used in education, government, and other official contexts, resulted in Maithili being given official status in 2003. Now Maithili is among the 22 scheduled languages in the Indian constitution.


Add Maithili language support to latest upstream Fedora by localizing all applications/packages of Fedora & solve the i18n issues related to Maithili.


Translation Team

  • Sangeeta Kumari - Translator and Reviewer

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 10
  • Current Status (Translation): Status Page
  • Essential Modules Status (Translation): 10%

Detailed Description

Maithili language support has already been added into GNOME.

Benefit to Fedora

Adding one new language will create a community of fedora users from that particular language speaking people. Maithili has become one of most active localization community. So, it will add huge audience for fedora. Eventually, it may attract developers even to work for fedora.


Requires translation of Fedora modules initially & later on work with i18n issues to get the language in supported status...

Test Plan

  1. Localize existing fedora essential modules
  2. Complete extra modules in terms of translation
  3. Solve all i18n related issues [FIXME: details?]

User Experience

Users are going to experience Fedora in their Native Language (Maithili).


  • fontconfig needs support to be added [FIXME: reference/details]

Contingency Plan

Not needed. The more Maithili support we land the better.


Not yet

Release Notes

Comments and Discussion

See Talk:Features/Maithili