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Support CD/DVD media as package sources in common front ends like PackageKit, yumex and maybe yum command line tool.


  • Alsadi: Muayyad Alsadi
  • email: alsadi [AT] ojuba [D0T] 0RG FIXME--send to this addresss bounced

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 12
  • Last updated: 2009-07-11
  • Percentage of completion: 50%

Detailed Description

Since the retirement of pirut in F9, fedora users have no way of making any use of the several installation CDs or the DVD media, there is no package manager front end that support media repos. The current solution is to copy the rpm files and make a locale repo, which is not a simple task for a typical desktop user.

see also: RHBZ#435625

Benefit to Fedora

Allow users with no or slow internet connection to make use of the instillation media as a source of packages.


gnome packagekit
I got this once

note: gnome-packagekit should be rebuilt.




  • register a method that handle media sources in self.mediagrabber for classes that are based on YumBase in
    • yumex: src/
    • PackageKit: backends/yum/ class PackageKitYumBase(yum.YumBase):

the method is already implemented in pirut it's called pirutCDHandler, but it depends on HAL, maybe we need to port it to DeviceKit.

How To Test

  1. make an installation from DVD media accept the defaults
  2. add a package that is in the DVD but was not installed by default

User Experience

PackageKit API now supports media change, it should display "Please insert so and so CD/DVD"


  • PackageKit
  • Yumex
  • Yum (if we want this feature in yum-cli)

Contingency Plan



  • how to add/remove a media repo
  • how to disable/enable a media repo

Release Notes

  • This functionality adds the ability in PackageKit and Yumex to utilize installation media (DVD and CDs) and prompt the use insert it which helps people with no internet connection and save bandwidth for those who have internet connection.

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