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== Current status ==
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/14 | Fedora 14 ]]  
* Targeted release: [[Releases/? | Fedora ? ]]  
* Last updated: 9-Feb-2010
* Last updated: 9-Feb-2010
* Percentage of completion: 95%
* Percentage of completion: 95%
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* See [[Talk:Features/MultipathInstall]]
* See [[Talk:Features/MultipathInstall]]
<!-- When your feature page is completed and ready for review -->
<!-- When your feature page is completed and ready for review -->

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[edit] Multipath Installation

[edit] Summary

Anaconda adds the ability to correctly identify and set up multipath devices for use as installation targets.

[edit] Owner

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora ?
  • Last updated: 9-Feb-2010
  • Percentage of completion: 95%

[edit] Detailed Description

This feature adds support for installing to a multipath device and booting from such a device.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

This is a hardware enabling feature. It allows Fedora to be installed on machines which were previously problematic.

[edit] Scope

This has repercussions in several packages:

  • Anaconda
    • identification/setup before install
    • configure dracut to build a hostonly initrd
  • grubby/kernel:
    • build initrd at the end of the installation rather than as soon as the kernel is installed
  • dracut
    • assemble mpath devices during boot in order to correctly find the root filesystem

[edit] How To Test

  • install to a machine with multipath storage.
    • Ideally, test devices should include active/active and active/passive configurations.
  • see if it boots correctly afterwards
    • boot, and then run "dmsetup ls" and "dmsetup table" as root, making sure that the output indicates that / is indeed using a multipath device.

[edit] User Experience

During installation, multipath devices should show up on the "multipath" tab under "Specialized Storage Devices", and the constituent devices should not be present.

[edit] Dependencies

This depends on changes to:

  • anaconda (80% done (kickstart support is TODO))
  • dracut (100% done)
  • device-mapper-multipath (100% done)
  • lvm (100% done, I think)
  • kernel (100% done)
  • grubby (100% done)

[edit] Contingency Plan

  • None necessary - hardware that doesn't install correctly still won't install correctly.

[edit] Documentation

  • No separate docs at this time; we will add some for kickstart support. There's also some documentation of the UI as part of the storage design page.

[edit] Release Notes

  • anaconda now supports installation to multipath devices.

[edit] Comments and Discussion