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== Current status ==
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/19 | Fedora 19 ]]  
* Targeted release: [[Releases/20 | Fedora 20 ]]  
* Last updated: 2013-02-27
* Last updated: 2013-03-20
* Percentage of completion: 70%
* Percentage of completion: 70%
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* See [[Talk:Features/OpenAttestation]]
* See [[Talk:Features/OpenAttestation]]

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[edit] OpenAttestation

[edit] Summary

Provide Fedora packages for OpenAttestation to support Trusted Compute Pools(TCP) feature in OpenStack since Folsom release & in future oVirt releases.

[edit] Owner

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 20
  • Last updated: 2013-03-20
  • Percentage of completion: 70%

Package review request submitted as: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=915864.

[edit] Detailed Description

This feature would include mostly packaging OpenAttestation project for Fedora.

  • the source package will be named oat
  • the binary packages will include oat-appraiser, oat-client, oat-commandtool & oat-docs.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

Fedora will be capable to be used to deploy OpenStack with TCP feature.

[edit] Scope

Required steps are:

  1. Create new package oat for OpenAttestation.

[edit] How To Test

  • It requires platforms supporting Intel TXT.
  • It requires installing tboot package.
  • OpenAttestation provides a series of test scripts for API testing.

[edit] User Experience

Provide cloud users capability of get the trustworthness of a specific host/server.

[edit] Dependencies

tboot, ant, trousers-devel, httpd, tomcat6, mysql, mysql-server, php, php-mysql, java-openjdk-devel

[edit] Contingency Plan

None necessary, revert to previous release behaviour.

[edit] Documentation

OpenAttestation project web page

Documentation about OpenAttestation functionality

Trusted Compute Pools feature in OpenStack: http://wiki.openstack.org/TrustedComputingPools

Trusted Compute Pools feature in oVirt: http://wiki.ovirt.org/wiki/Trusted_compute_pools

[edit] Release Notes

  • OpenAttestation provides REST based API to add cloud management tools with capability of establishing hosts integrity information by remotely retrieving and verifying Hosts' integrity with TPM quote.

[edit] Comments and Discussion