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Ease Of Use: System Management with OpenLMI


Add providers and capabilites to the OpenLMI infrastructure that would ease the remote system management.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: 2013-01-25
  • Percentage of completion: 10%

Detailed description

The OpenLMI project provides a common infrastructure for the management of Linux systems. The goal is to add the missing parts that would enable remote management of a Fedora system:

  • Complete the CIM storage API to allow for a better remote storage management
  • Add a new provider and extend the existing ones to allow for a remote hardware information retrieval (HW inventory)
  • Add a new provider that would allow for a remote AD/Kerberos realms enrollment
  • Add a new provider that would allow for a remote Firewall management (open/close a particular port) through firewalld
  • Improve the software management in OpenLMI to allow for a comprehensive remote package management
  • Add and improve the remote system monitoring using OpenLMI
  • Improve the OpenLMI Shell to allow for a quick and easy scriptable remote management
  • Allow to use OpenLMI under selinux enforcing policy
  • Possibly add providers to allow management also other system parts: Containers, SELinux, SCAP scans, performance monitoring

Benefit to Fedora

It's going to be easier to manage and monitor a remote Fedora system.


OpenLMI providers and tools, the CIMOMS (tog-pegasus, sblim-sfcb), SBLIM providers

How To Test

Test suite would be provided with the OpenLMI project.

User Experience

The sysadmins will get a better infrastructure for a remote systems maintenance and monitoring.


Many of the planned features depend on the development of the other components: Anaconda's Blivet library, realmd, firewalld, NetworkManager; in the case those would not contain the required features we are not able to create a management infrastructure above them.

Contingency Plan



Provided in the packages and on the OpenLMI project pages.

Release Notes

The OpenLMI infrastructure has been greatly improved: new storage API, monitoring, hardware information, realmd, firewall providers were added. Improvements in the existing providers.

Comments and Discussion