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* [ Upstream openstack docs]
* [ Upstream openstack docs]
* [ Upstream horizon docs]
* [ Upstream horizon docs]
* "Running horizon/dashboard from git (round 2)" on (not in archives yet? hmmm)
* [ Running horizon/dashboard from git (round 2)]
== Release Notes ==
== Release Notes ==

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Openstack web user interface (Horizon)


Include Horizon, the OpenStack web user interface, in Fedora 17.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 17
  • Last updated: January 13 2012
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

Horizon is the official web user interface for OpenStack, and will be a core component of the next OpenStack release scheduled for April 2012. Horizon provides graphical means for users to start, stop, and view details about their virtual instances, as well as cloud admin tasks like managing users and tenants/accounts.

This feature will track getting Horizon working as easy as possible out of the box for Fedora 17.

Benefit to Fedora

OpenStack has a lot of mind share. Improving our OpenStack story has the potential to bring new users and OpenStack developers into the Fedora community. Horizon will play a vital part in improving our OpenStack story. Having a graphical UI will make marketing Fedora as an OpenStack platform much easier, and will lower the barrier to entry for new OpenStack users to get started.


(the nitty gritty of the scope is unclear right now, will be updated when I have a better idea of the specific tasks)

  • Package horizon
    • Determine full dependency list
    • Upstream work to remove dependency on deprecated openstackx package (upstream blueprint)
  • Document steps required to configure OpenStack for horizon access
  • Determine if any work can be done to make OpenStack work out of the box easier with horizon

How To Test

(this section will be expanded when I have a better idea of options for test cases)

  • Run through Getting started with OpenStack Nova
  • Follow docs for setting up keystone integration and launching horizon (to be produced, see Scope)
  • Basic horizon user tasks:
    • Start an instance
    • Stop an instance
    • Connect to VNC console of an instance through the browser
  • Horizon admin tasks:
    • Create and delete a tenant
    • Create and delete a user
    • Stop a running OpenStack service

User Experience

OpenStack users will have the ability to use a nice web UI rather than command line everything. New users interested in OpenStack will have a simpler way to dive into the project.


The OpenStack essex release schedule is a semi dependency, but even if the schedule slipped we would still likely package a release candidate or similar.

Contingency Plan

If the work isn't done in time, horizon can just not be included in Fedora 17, since it's a new package. If documentation isn't finished, we could include the package but probably want to drop this from the feature process. Improvements like simplifying the out of the box config can be dropped if necessary.


Release Notes

Horizon, the official web user interface for OpenStack, is now available.

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