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oVirt Node is a small scaled down version of Fedora used solely to host virtual machine guests.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 12
  • Last updated: 2009-07-16
  • Percentage of completion: 77%

Detailed Description

oVirt Node is a small host image that provides libvirt service via KVM to host virtual machines. The oVirt node can be run in standalone mode or in conjunction with the oVirt management server, a web-based virtual machine management console. The oVirt Node Image is a livecd-based image that can be installed to the hosts physical storage, or run as a live image off of a CD or USB key. This feature consists of three parts, ovirt-node.rpm, ovirt-node-recipe.rpm, ovirt-node-spin.iso

Benefit to Fedora

Easy way for users of Fedora and Ovirt to download Ovirt Node Image. Will not require and ISO image to be built and distributed in a RPM.

How To Test

User Experience

  1. download spin burn to cd run ovirt node off livecd or install to bare-metal machine
  2. install ovirt-node-recipe.rpm
    • pull down ovirt-node-image (spin)
    • convert to usb disk
    • set up pxe environment
    • run ovirt node


Contingency Plan

  • This is a brand new package, so no contingency plan is required.


Release Notes

Comments and Discussion

  • See Talk:Ovirt_Node
  • #ovirt (freenode)
  • (public mailing list)