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Dropping Features

A feature will be proposed to FESCo for review by the Feature Wrangler if any of the following occurs:

  • Feature is incomplete (less that 85% complete) or not testable at Feature Freeze
  • Feature is not complete (100%) at Beta Freeze
  • Feature owner fails to provide status by updating feature pages at requested milestones.

Lacking any response or information from the feature owner, the Feature Wrangler will recommend that features matching this criteria be dropped from the Accepted Feature list.

Partially completed features may still be listed as 100% complete for a release under development if the wiki page describing the feature is tailored to reflect all of the work that is finished. Incomplete functionality may be rolled forward to a feature page for the next release. This approach is taken because many people refer to the feature pages after the final release as reference for what is new in the release. It does not make sense to advertise incomplete work after release day.

Dropped features can be proposed again for inclusion in the:

  • current release, if proposed before Feature Freeze
  • next release under development if proposed two weeks before Feature Freeze for that release