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Important Milestones

  • New features may be proposed (using the guidelines described elsewhere) and accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) up until two weeks before the Feature Freeze milestone.
    • FESCo will consider features proposed after this deadline on an exception basis
  • New features must be feature complete or close enough to completion by Alpha freeze that a majority of its functionality can be suitably tested--the "feature is testable".
  • After feature freeze the Feature Wrangler will present a list of all the features that are not 100% complete or lack evidence of "testability." FESCo will review these feature to determine if they should remain as features of the current release.
  • After FESCo's review of incomplete features the final feature list will be publicly announced by the Feature Wrangler.

Testable does not mean a small portion of the feature is complete and can be tested while a significant portion of the remaining functionality has not been completed and may not yet be tested. We are attempting to provide some flexibility here without completely losing the understood meaning of feature freeze.