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(Proposing Official Features)
(Proposing Official Features)
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# Benefit to Fedora
# Benefit to Fedora
# Scope
# Scope
# Test Plan
# How To Test
# Dependencies--on other packages or features
# Dependencies--on other packages or features
# Contingency plan
# Contingency plan

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Proposing Official Features

Completing the page
All sections must be complete (or noted as not applicable with an explanation) before the Feature Wrangler will submit a feature to FESCo for acceptance.

In order to be considered an official feature accepted for the next Fedora release, the feature should be formally documented on a separate wiki page which includes the following information:

  1. Summary of the feature
  2. A designated owner with a link to Fedora home page [[User:FASAcountName| Your Name]]. The owner is responsible for:
    1. Making sure the feature is completed according to the schedule
    2. Communicating periodic status
    3. Attending feature status meetings
  3. Current status
    1. last updated
    2. Estimated percentage of completion
  4. Description of the new feature
  5. Detailed explanation of what the new feature will do and how it will be implemented
  6. Benefit to Fedora
  7. Scope
  8. How To Test
  9. Dependencies--on other packages or features
  10. Contingency plan
  11. Link to documentation
  12. Important information for release notes
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A blank template is available at Features/EmptyTemplate and a completed example is at Features/Template