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Periodic Status

  1. Feature pages should be updated to reflect the current status of the feature by the following milestones on the Release Engineering schedule:
    • Alpha freeze
    • Beta freeze
    • For features not 100% complete--every two weeks after 'beta freeze until final development freeze
  2. At final development freeze all feature pages should be at 100% completion, and if necessary, the feature page adjusted to reflect everything completed (so as to reflect 100% completion).
  3. Feature Wrangler will send individual reminders and announcements to fedora-devel-announce list as necessary
  4. A summary status for all the features targeted to a particular release will be collected on a summary page which references and briefly explains the feature.
  5. Reminders to developers about upcoming feature deadlines will be sent to
  6. Nag mail to developers with delinquent feature page updates will be emailed privately and shamed in a nice way on