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PyPy Stack


Fedora 15 and later versions has an alternate Python 2 runtime and add-on module stack built using PyPy, an alternate implementation of the Python 2 language, featuring Just-in-Time compilation.


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PyPy has been packaged within Fedora from Fedora 15 onwards, and is available via:

In Fedora 22 and later versions use DNF:

# dnf install pypy

Or with YUM in Fedora 21 and earlier versions:

# yum install pypy

The latest updates of PyPy package information can be found at Fedora Package Database

See the package review

There is a tracker bug for the PyPy stack in Red Hat bugzilla.

Detailed Description

PyPy is a python interpreter written in a subset of python. The interpreter can have better memory use than CPython and speed is closing in on Cpython. The JIT'd version is faster than CPython in many benchmarks.

It is growing the ability to load CPython extension modules.

Benefit to Fedora

PyPy is an innovative implementation of the Python language, but it can take an hour to build, requiring a powerful machine. By providing an easy way for people to install a PyPy stack, we continue to push Fedora as an excellent platform for Python developers.

Fedora aims to showcase the latest and greatest in Free/Open Source Software: PyPy is certainly innovative.

Fedora heavily uses Python, both within the operating system itself, and within the infrastructure used by the project. As PyPy becomes more mature we may eventually want to migrate from CPython to PyPy for some of these workloads.


PyPy supports most of the commonly used Python standard library modules complete list here

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