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** pyorbit
** pyorbit
** gnome-doc-utils
** gnome-doc-utils
* sugar-tamtam needs:
** csound
*** boost-python [ DONE]
*** build parameter changes
** gnome-python2-rsvg
=== Common bugs ===
=== Common bugs ===

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Python 2.7


Update the system Python 2 stack in Fedora from 2.6 to 2.7


  • Email: <>

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 14
  • Last updated: 2010-07-23
  • Percentage of completion: 50%

Packages built into dist-f14-py27-rebuild; currently 202 failing rebuilds

Packages waiting on other packages

  • kdebindings, pyactivemq need:
  • python-execnet needs:
    • python-py needs:
      • subversion failing inside %check
    • protobuf needs:
      • subversion (see above)
  • revelation needs gnome-python2-applet from:
  • python-networkx needs:
  • hgsvn needs:
    • subversion see root.log
      • which seems to fail in some python related %check test: build.log
  • gget needs
    • notify-python
  • gnome-package-kit needs:
  • sympy needs:
    • python-mpmath
  • hamster-applet needs:
    • many gnome-python2-* packages from gnome-python2-desktop. Specifically gnome-python2-bonobo which needs:
    • pyorbit
    • gnome-doc-utils
  • sugar-tamtam needs:
    • csound
      • boost-python DONE
      • build parameter changes
    • gnome-python2-rsvg

Common bugs

gobject-introspection's /usr/bin/g-ir-scanner appears to be incompatible with python 2.7, this leads to anything building a .gir file failing.

Detailed Description

  • Python 2.7 was released on 2010-07-03

This will require a rebuild of everything with Requires: python(abi) = 2.6. See Mass_Rebuild_SOP for how we do a full rebuild of everything - hopefully we can adapt the scripts there to accomplish the rebuild needed for Python 2.7. See Features/Python_2.7/MassRebuild for notes on this specific rebuild.


Hopefully, little to no porting will be required.

Some notes on changes that may require porting are given on the upstream wiki here:

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora aims to showcase the latest in free and open source software - we should have the most recent release of Python.


Python is pervasive in Fedora. Everything from yum to system-config-* to anaconda to pungi is written in Python.

How To Test

Interested testers do not need special hardware. If you have a favorite Python script, module, or application, please test it with Python 2.7 and verify that it still works as you expect.

My own test plan:

  • Smoketest of the interpreter
  • Run the upstream regression test suite
  • Ensure that yum still works
  • Ensure that anaconda still works

User Experience

Users should not notice any difference, other than the availability of the 2.7 interpreter


The list is too large to include here.

repoquery --whatrequires --alldeps -s "python(abi) = 2.6" | sort -u

indicates approximately 1200 rpms

Contingency Plan

  • There is none. This is do-or-die.


What’s New in Python 2.7

Release Notes

The system Python 2 stack has been upgraded to 2.7. For a list of changes see

Comments and Discussion