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Rails 3.2


Rails 3.2 is the latest version of Ruby on Rails stack. Fedora 17 still contains Rails 3.0, which are rather old from the Rails community point of view.


  • Email: <>

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: 2012-6-21
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

The Rails stack is evolving quickly and Fedora needs to keep pace with it. Therefore the whole Rails stack should be updated from 3.0 in Fedora 17 to 3.2 (latest version) in Fedora 18. This will ensure that all the Ruby developers using Fedora have the latest and greatest RPM-packaged Rails.

Benefit to Fedora

This update will keep Fedora up-to-date and will ensure that the current Rails developers stay with us as they will get support for system-packaged Rails of the latest version. Apart from that, Rails 3.2 also bring improved functionality, speed and security.


  • The whole Rails stack has to be updated (8 packages)
  • Additional 8 Gems will have to be packaged
  • Circa 15 more packages will need update

This update will only affect the RPM-packaged RubyGems with no effect on Ruby itself nor any other languages.

How To Test

  • No special hardware is needed.
  • To test Rails 3.2 before they actually get into Rawhide, use:
gem install rails
rails new app
cd app && rails s
  • Go to and make sure you are running Rails 3.2.x
  • When all packages land in Rawhide, use:
yum install rubygem-{rails,sqlite3}
rails new app
cd app && rails s

User Experience

Ruby programmers will once again be able to develop using RPM-packaged Rails of the newest version, using all its advantages.


Apart from those mentioned in #Scope, all the packages from the Rails stack are dependencies of other cca 50 packages. These will have to be rebuilt and possibly updated.

Contingency Plan

None needed. Rails stack won't be updated until all its dependencies are in Rawhide. After that, it will be a simple matter of updating the 8 packages (and their dependencies).


Release Notes

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