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SysV to Systemd


Porting from sysVinit init scripts to systemd unit file.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 16
  • Last updated:
  • Percentage of completion: 0

Detailed Description

coordination to ensure the best user experience. The best case is that all services which have shipped with system v init scripts in the past are upgraded to have systemd unit files in one Fedora release. The next best thing would be for individual services to transition to unit files only in the lead up to a new release. Today the FPC passed a clarification to have a warning about the latter put into the guidelines. This ticket is to find out what can be done about the former. Could we have a FES ticket to get people to work on this for F16? Is there another way to coordinate this?

Benefit to Fedora

See previous feature page concerning systemd for the benefits this will bring to Fedora which can be found here.


  • Create a wiki page containing all package we ship that contain sysvinit init scripts
  • Identify which packages contain sysvinit init scripts that are hardware activated socket activated and dbus activated
  • Divide that page into four section regular service activation, hardware activated on, socket activated ones and dbus activated ones.
  • Developers will need to convert the old sysvinit init script to native systemd one and or review and use ones that have been provided to them then package and ship

How To Test

  • Install/update to the package that contains the new native systemd unit file.
  • Check if the old sysvinit init script did get removed after install
  • Check if the service starts cleanly after install
  • check if the service stops cleanly after and install
  • Enable the service, restart check if service was enabled after restart

User Experience

Native systemd service configuration files are much easier to understand and configure compared to sysvinit scripts


Depends on present of systemd being installed which is the case for Fedora 15 and onwards.

Contingency Plan

Continue to ship the old sysvinit init script.


  • It's recommended that documentation is updated to reflect usage of the native systemd commands instead of service and chkconfig commands note that service and chkconfig commands are backwards compatible up to a certain extent.
  • An example usage of systemd commands usage compared to service and chkconfig ones can be found here.
  • Some documentation regarding starting and stopping some service might need to be updated since the sysvinit init script ight have been split into more then one service file note that should not be the general case.

Release Notes

There shouldn't be anything we need to specifically say other than highlighting the change.

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