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* superuserpassword
* superuserpassword
* method (local|ssh + login|su|sudo)
* method (local|ssh + login|su|sudo)
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* idea originally expressed here by ArthurPemberton
* idea originally expressed here by ArthurPemberton

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[edit] System-Config Propsal


[edit] Proposal

Rework (not a total rewrite) system-config tools use a common virtual console which abstracts away local and remote console usage. Anticipated benefits:

  • transparently handle local or remote console (via ssh)
  • allow configuration of remote services
  • possible allow for OS independent usage (example: system-config-httpd could be used from Windows XP)
  • allow for those who prefer not to run server tools with a X server installed to make use of the system-config tools
  • allows for centrally logging system-config actions (audit trail)
  • standardize routines/functionality commonly used by system-config tools

[edit] Requirements

  • handle both local and remote (via ssh) connections
  • allow running of super commands via 'root login', 'su' or 'sudo'
  • not be dependent on any non standard python modules or non LSB tools
  • implemented in Python
  • implementation should be platform independent

[edit] Possible Members

very incomplete

[edit] Methods

  • hasTUI(), hasCurses(), hasGUI()
  • openFile(), closeFile(), getFile(), closeFile()
  • doCommand(), doCommandWait()
  • copyFile(), moveFile()
  • copyDir(), moveDir()
  • connect(), disconnect()

[edit] Properties

  • host
  • status
  • user
  • userpassword
  • superuser
  • superuserpassword
  • method (local|ssh + login|su|sudo)

[edit] Program Flow


[edit] Acknowledgment

  • idea originally expressed here by ArthurPemberton