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(TeX Live 2012)
(TeX Live 2012)
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  # yum update
  # yum update
This will install the basic TeX Live scheme. You can alternatively install any of these schemes:
This will install the basic TeX Live scheme.
or various pre-set TeX Live collections, the list is here:
You are also able to install a particular style via:
# yum install 'tex(epsfig.sty)'
There are possible clashes with applications packaged separately (such as
dvipdfmx, etc.) so we may want to discuss these conflicts with
respective fedora package maintainers to fix them. In case you are a
maintainer of such package please send me an email to me
so that we can sort it out on the TeX Live side. Generally the TeX
Live packages are preferred so I will grant access to them to maintainers
that owned the non-TeX Live package variant packaged separately.
== User Experience ==
== User Experience ==

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TeX Live 2012


Upgrade TeX Live to at least 2012. Use packaging based on upstream metadata and don't use monolithic build any more.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: 2013-04-12
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed Description

TeX Live uses uses its own classification of TeX packages which can be automated and used by packaging systems in various distributions. The packaging metadata that upstream provides allows to distinguish doc, source and runtime files which could then be packaged separately.

Benefit to Fedora

A better packaging scheme allows to reduce bandwidth and save significant disc space. It also allows simpler maintenance of separate TeX packages.


Requires packaging or testing and/or enhancements in fedora infrastructure.

How To Test

TeX Live 2012

Fedora 18 and newer: TeX Live is part of mainline distribution. No special setup needed.

The following is valid for Fedora 17:

# yum remove tex-* texlive-*
# cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/texlive.repo <<EOF
# yum update; yum install texlive

The package contains repo file for yum which contains TeX Live with binaries. After installing the release package do:

# yum clean all
# yum install texlive

if you don't have texlive already installed. Otherwise you can update your old TeX Live 2007 installation like:

# yum clean all
# yum update

This will install the basic TeX Live scheme.

User Experience

Users could use exactly the part of TeX they need without wasting disc space.


  1. need to do a license audit - DONE
  2. need mass review for all packages before this feature is completed - DONE
  3. import of all of the ~1600 packages need to be finished
  4. all of the packages need to be built

Contingency Plan

Stay stuck with TeX Live 2007.



Release Notes

TeX Live 2012 is now introduced with improved packaging scheme that saves download bandwidth and disc size. It is based on upstream packaging metadata and an automated license audit is performed. Packages are now composed from schemes and collections to define a package set user needs to install to use a particular TeX Live feature.

TeX Live release notes

Comments and Discussion

  • This feature has its own mailing list: [1]. Feel free to subscribe and post to this list.

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