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Thermostat 1.0


Improved monitoring and serviceability tool for Java applications.


  • Email: omajid@redhat.com

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: 2013-01-28
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

Thermostat is a servicability and instrumentation tool for OpenJDK. The 1.0 release of thermostat brings a number of new features that developers may find very useful

  • More information for Hosts and Java Virtual Machines being monitored
  • A stable API for external plugins developers
  • Ability to use thermostat, securely, in a network or a cluster

The goal is to get the 1.0 release of thermostat into Fedora 19. If upstream also releases 1.1 before alpha deadline, we may use that instead.

Benefit to Fedora

Thermostat 1.0 makes Fedora a better platform for Java developers to run their software on, since it provides tools to examine their applications as they are running, whether it's Fedora as a single developer's OS or Fedora as an OS on a cluster node.


Only the Thermostat packages will be affected by this change. The thermostat package(s) will be updated to the 1.0 release as soon as upstream releases it. All of thermostat's (current) dependencies are already in Fedora.

How To Test

Thermostat developers and packagers will test Thermostat using upstream test cases, as well as custom ones.

Others can test that thermostat works as expected by following these steps. No special hardware is required.

To test thermostat in a single-machine case:

# yum install thermostat
$ thermostat service &

optionally run other Java programs, such as eclipse 

$ thermostat gui

A graphical application should show up showing the user's machine and all the Java processes running on it.

User Experience

The update to thermostat 1.0 will not result in a major user interface change. The command line will continue working mostly as before and the gui will look and behave mostly as before. A few new command line commands will appear (such as webservice) and some new tabs will appear in the GUI to display additional information.


None. Thermostat is a stand-alone feature.

Contingency Plan

If we can not update to thermostat 1.0 (or if it has major bugs), we will revert to the previous version of thermostat.


Release Notes

  • Fedora 19 includes Thermostat 1.0, the first stable release of thermostat, a monitoring, instrumentation and serviceability tool for OpenJDK.

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