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--atomic should ensure all disks are snapshotted atomically
--atomic should ensure all disks are snapshotted atomically
== Testing Live Blockcommit ==
=== Testing Live Blockcommit ===

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[edit] Virt Live Snapshots

[edit] Summary

Live snapshots allow a user to take a snapshot of a virtual machine while the guest is running, thus preserving the state and data of a VM at a specific point in time.

[edit] Owner

  • Name: Cole Robinson
  • Email: crobinso@redhat.com
  • Name: Jeff Cody
  • Email: jtc@redhat.com

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: June 6 2012
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

[edit] Detailed Description

QEMU has had snapshotting capabilities for a long time, but they have always required the guest to be paused/stopped for a short period of time while the storage was snapshoted. Live snapshots allow for qemu and libvirt to snapshot a the guest's storage with no downtime. This even works on guests with 'raw' disk images: libvirt will snapshot using an external qcow2 file, and transparently switch the guest over to running off the new external image.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

  • Snapshots can be performed on guests using any storage configuration (utilizing external qcow2 snapshots)
  • No downtime during the snapshotting process.

[edit] Scope

  • Live snapshot support in qemu (DONE, 1.1 is in rawhide/f18)
  • Live snapshot support in qemu-ga (DONE)
  • Live snapshot support in libvirt (DONE, but checkpointing usecase is still lacking)
  • Apps (all optional but would be nice if they are done)
    • Snapshot support in ovirt? (available, used for live backup)
    • Snapshot support in virt-manager? (not done, not a requirement)
    • Snapshot support in boxes? (out of scope)

[edit] How To Test

[edit] Live backup

You can backup the storage of a VM from the host machine with no VM downtime.

Snapshot the VM:

 virsh snapshot-create-as myvm snapshot1 "snapshot1 description" --disk-only --atomic

Backup the original storage using your regular backup method.

Merge the disk changes that accumulated in the snapshot back with the original disk. --path is the disk device (such as vda) or path to the current disk image, just created by the snapshot command (in this example, /var/lib/libvirt/images/myvm.snapshot1).

 virsh blockpull --domain myvm --path /var/lib/libvirt/images/myvm.snapshot1

'blockpull' needs to be done for every disk image that was snapshotted. You can optionally supply a --base argument to blockpull, if it is desired to keep a common backing file while still collapsing the rest of a longer backing chain.

[edit] VM checkpointing

The below commands are not fully implemented in libvirt yet.

Any guest KVM guest can be snapshotted using external snapshot files. Simplest way:

 virsh snapshot-create-as myvm snapshot1 "snapshot1 description" --disk-only --atomic
 virsh snapshot-create-as myvm snapshot2 "snapshot2 description" --disk-only --atomic

You make some changes and want to switch back to an older snapshot state, you do:

 virsh snapshot-revert myvm snapshot1

XXX: however this doesn't work right now: 'revert to external disk snapshot not supported yet'

If you want to delete a snapshot, use:

 virsh snapshot-delete myvm snapshot2

XXX: also doesn't work: 'deletion of 1 external disk snapshots not supported yet'

If the guest has qemu-ga installed and configured, passing --quiesce to snapshot-create-as will make sure the guest's filesystems are frozen for extra safety.

--atomic should ensure all disks are snapshotted atomically

[edit] Testing Live Blockcommit


(Side note: The "./qemu-img info --backing-chain " is with a patch available only via upstream qemu. Which will be available in QEMU-1.3)

[edit] User Experience

Virtualization users will have a more production ready mechanism for snapshotting than QEMU previously supported (no loss of uptime). Exposing snapshotting in tools like ovirt and/or virt-manager will essentially be a new and compelling feature for those users.

[edit] Dependencies


[edit] Contingency Plan

Since this is brand new functionality, if it doesn't make it in time for F18, nothing has changed. We just drop this feature page.

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Release Notes

  • KVM and libvirt now support storage snapshotting of live guests with no downtime.

[edit] Comments and Discussion