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Xen to KVM migration


Provide nearly effortless automatic translation of Xen virtual machines to KVM virtual machines.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 12
  • Last updated: 2009-07-14
  • Percentage of completion: 30%

Detailed Description

virt-v2v is a command line tool that enables Xen domUs (ie. guests) to be migrated to use KVM. Usage will be:

virt-v2v xen_domain -o kvm_domain

(for a libvirt-managed domain called xen_domain).

The process will automatically install the correct kernel and driver(s) and make any configuration changes necessary so that the KVM domain will run with virtio drivers.

The process will also be reversible - if the KVM transition doesn't work out, then system administrators can go back to the original, untouched Xen domain, via a snapshot.

Benefit to Fedora

Users with Xen guests can try out KVM. Users can also migrate from Xen to KVM for its enhanced ease of use.


Test Plan

(Test plan to be written)

User Experience

virt-v2v is a command line tool as described above.



Contingency Plan

None - this is a completely standalone feature.


(To be written)

Release Notes

(To be written)