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iPod Touch/iPhone Music Sync

TODO items


  • iphone_get_specific_device() needs to be added from Patrick's tree
  • move libiphone-initconf into the library, making sure it's thread-safe
  • had to manually remove ~/.config/libiphone/<device serial>.pem<code> before trying to mount the device. Does that file change? lockdown didn't work if the file was still around

Work-around would be to remove that file if it was older than one of the created files.

  • the wrong device seems to get tagged with "afc" in HAL, needs fixing


  • libgpod should recognise jailbroken trees, which have the same tree but hidden within a few more depths
  • libgpod should be able to change the DBVersion as the [suggests] when presented with a jailbroken tree. Probably would need to use libplist.
  • libgpod should have API for front-ends to be able to pass the Firewire ID of the device
  • libgpod's HAL callout should export the Firewire ID through HAL (as Podsleuth does)

gvfs afc backend

  • couldn't seem to write a file using vim (DBVersion writing failed)
  • should try to mount jail-broken before trying normal rooted mount