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Pantheon Desktop


Pantheon Desktop is a new desktop environment being developed by the people that develop Elementary OS


People Involved - Packagers/Volunteers/Contributors

Name IRC Current work Additional info
Wesley Hearn strace Packaging UTC-5

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: 2012-01-16
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

Pantheon Desktop is a slick lightweight open-source GTK3/Vala desktop currently being developed for elementary os.

Benefit to Fedora

Will allow users another choice on what desktop they want to run, will help bring more users to Fedora.


Required Packages

  • pantheon-session
  • wingpanel
  • slingshot
  • plank
  • cerbere
  • postler
  • dexter
  • maya
  • beatbox
  • lingo
  • marlin
  • switchboard
  • contractor
  • granite
  • pantheon-library
  • indicator-displayobjects
  • libindicate
  • libindicator
  • dbusmenu
  • datetime-indicator
  • me-menu
  • messaging-menu
  • network-menu
  • session-menu
  • sound-menu

Optional Packages:

  • elementary-gtk
  • elementary-icons

Packaging Status

Package Version Review request Packager Status Comments
plank >= 0.1.1 896193 Wesley Hearn review Review request submitted

How To Test


User Experience

Users will be able to install(or use a spin) of pantheon desktop as a alternative to GNOME3/KDE/XFCE



Contingency Plan

None needed, this is a optional set of packages that can easily be untagged.


Release Notes

  • Pantheon Desktop will be available for the first time in Fedora 19.

Comments and Discussion