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Fedora JBoss Spin

This aim of this page is to gather all information relevant to the creation of the JBoss spin for Fedora. I (Gerard Ryan) am working on this as a project under Google Summer of Code 2012, with (Marek Goldmann) as mentor. More details on the GSOC proposal can be found here.

JBoss Tools

The first chunk of the work will be to start packaging JBoss Tools for Eclipse. This may require additional parts of Eclipse WTP to be packaged.

There may be some difficulty with using tycho in Fedora, see patches for eclipse-cdt.

At the moment, I'm using the following page as a reference for learning how to build: Also, focusing on the 3.3.0.Beta3 branch, so this also applies:

Currently, I'm running all mvn-rpmbuild commands from the build/ directory. I'm not sure if this is the best way going forward, it may not be necessary but the pom.xml there includes profiles for all the other components, and bootstrap profiles for many of them too.

Provisional list of packages for JBoss Tools (dependencies will be added here when discovered)

  • eclipse-jbosstools-tests

  • eclipse-jbosstools-common
    • needs jbosstools-tests

  • eclipse-jbosstools-usage

  • eclipse-jbosstools-archives
    • needs jbosstools-usage

  • eclipse-jbosstools-jmx
    • needs jbosstools-common, jbosstools-tests, jbosstools-usage

  • eclipse-jbosstools-as
    • needs jbosstools-common, jbosstools-tests, jbosstools-archives, jbosstools-jmx

  • jacoco-maven-plugin
    • currently commented out of jbosstools-parent to make it work

  • ant-optional
    • currently commented out of jbosstools-parent to make it work

  • eclipse-swtbot
    • needed by eclipse-jbosstools-tests

  • eclipse-wtp-jeetools
    • org.eclipse.jst.j2ee (org.eclipse.jst.enterprise_core.feature) is needed by eclipse-jbosstools-common

  • eclipse-wtp-webservices
    • and org.eclipse.wst.wsdl (org.eclipse.wst.ws_core.feature) are needed by org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.webservice (org.eclipse.jst.enterprise_core.feature)