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Working Group Self-Nominations

To volunteer to serve on one of the new Fedora working groups, simply add yourself to the appropriate section below, along with a brief description of your current involvement with Fedora and plans for participation in this group.

Fedora Workstation Working Group

  • Matthias Clasen - Desktop team lead, Provenpackager, GNOME release team. I want to act as liaison with GNOME and ensure that we come up with plan that is credible, effective and achievable, working together with various upstreams.
  • Elad Alfassa - Fedora packager, sometimes designer, fixes trivial bugs and packages GNOME stuff. I want to help however I can to make Fedora Workstation/Desktop as awesome as possible.
  • Owen Taylor - Red Hat Desktop/Interactive Experience Architect, long-time GNOME contributor. I want to make sure that Fedora Workstation product is solid from the ground up, has a clear design target that is compelling to a wide range of Fedora users, and will meet the needs of downstream distributions like RHEL as well.
  • Adel Gadllah - Upstream GNOME contributor and Fedora (proven)packer - Ensure that the workstation product provides a well designed, modern experience that is usable for both content consumers as well as content creators.
  • Kalev Lember - Fedora GNOME packaging, provenpackager, packager sponsor -- I would like to participate in the initial working group to make sure we get a competitive product -- released on a predictable 6 month schedule, usable for both home users and developers
  • Christian Schaller - Manager for the Red Hat desktop team, Fedora packager. I want to make sure the resources of the Red Hat team are fully behind this effort and that it becomes a great solution for both the Fedora community and Red Hat.

Fedora Server Working Group

  • Stephen Gallagher - Red Hat Server Experience Architect, former SSSD lead developer and FreeIPA team member. I will be attempting to represent the future needs of Red Hat customers with Fedora Server. I will also be working closely with several "manageability" initiatives do make run-time (re)configuration simpler.
  • Phil Knirsch - Red Hat Developer Experience Manager, including KDE, PPC64 and S390X Secondary Archs as well as Power Management userland. Former engineer himself and working with Linux for over 20 years and for 13 years for Red Hat. My goal for my work in the Fedora Server Working Group is to ensure that Fedora Server will provide an excellent OS for professional use of Fedora in the server environment. Part of that is to make it lean, quick, and working on all architectures.

Fedora Cloud Working Group

Base Design Working Group

  • Dennis Gilmore - Fedora Release Engineer, Packager, Secondary Arch Lead. I want to make sure we can deliver everything and enable everything to work

Environments & Software Stacks Working Group