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Electronic Menu Structure

The Menu Structure for Fedora Electronic Lab is too complex as the number of EDA softwares tops 70 packages.

Below is a proposed submenu structure to patch against the existing "Electronics" Menu.

Proposal for submenus

* Automation
* Analog/Mixed Signal Design
* Digital IC Design
* Embedded Design
* Schematic to PCB Layout
* Spice Simulation
* Waveform Viewers

Detailed Proposal for submenus

* Automation (Category: Automation)
  * SystemC flow Overview (PDF)
  * Verilog flow Overview (PDF)
  * VHDL flow Overview (PDF)
* Analog/Mixed Signal Design  (Category: AMS)
  * Magic
  * netgen
  * Xcircuit
* Digital IC Design (Category: Digital)
  * Command line tool flow (PDF) e.g ghdl, freehdl, iverilog
  * Alliance CAD
* Embedded Design (Category: Embedded)
  * Ktechlab
  * Piklab
* Schematic to PCB Layout (Category: Schematic, PCB)
  * Kicad
  * Geda 
  * gerber
* Spice Simulation (Category: Automation)
* Waveform Viewers (Category: Waveforms)
Design Tool Flow (PDF)

(PDF) indicates a one-page PDF file to explain the respective flow.