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This wiki page is meant to provide press kits and talking points about Fedora Electronic Lab.

About Fedora Electronic Lab text

Fedora Project is the community leader in opensource EDA software through its high-end hardware design and simulation platform, Fedora Electronic Lab (FEL). This platform provides solely opensource EDA tools from project definition, chip design, simulation, embedded design till the design of development boards.It supports upstream developers in the marketing and testing of their tools.


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New Features ?
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FEL's mailing list is the contact point to share views, request for enhancements and assistance.

New Features

* Introduction of PLA tools for digital design
* Introduction of a Peer Review Web-based solutions for small businesses.
* Introduction of simulators for 8081 and 8085 microcontrollers.
* Default IDE for Digital/Embedded design : Eclipse.
* Provided development tools for Openmoko development. 


These release notes present the latest information about Fedora Project’s high- end microelectronic design platform : Fedora Electronic Laboratory (FEL)


The flyer demonstrates brief the capability and interoperability of the EDA tools provided.


How FEL supports Upstream