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Fedora Events: FISL 7.0

  • 7th Fórum Internacional Software Livre (International Free Software Forum)
  • This is the biggest conference for IT Infrastructure and Developers in Brazil.
  • Lot of developers communities in this meetings and many lectures, in 6 auditoriums.
  • In 2005, FISL 6.0 had 4,414 attendees from 11 countries and almost every Brazilian state.


  • Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


  • Apr 19-22, 2006


  • RodrigoPadula
  • DavidBarzilay
  • RodrigoMenezes



  • RodrigoPadula will present a lecture about the Fedora Project.
  • Stand for Fedora Users Group (Approved!)
  • Communitarian Event (Approved!).
  • presentation and community event proposals have been approved!
  • working on presentation
  • free pass 4 speakers
  • DVDs request sent to FAMSCO
  • producing banner
  • thinking of other collateral for event and writing comprehensive proposal to make sure we don't miss any detail
  • we wanna talk on FC generally, bring FC5 improvements, explain community devel, call for contributions and try to link that all with the digital divide, serious issue in Brazil
  • RodrigoMenezes: we have a presentation, a stand and a event; we are preparing the presentation for the comunity event; and the main presentation is ready; we'll need a lot of DVDs and swag; do you think this is possible? receive FC5 before this event?
  • AlexMaier: it should work--as soon as FC5 is released, we'll begin printing DVDs
  • RodrigoMenezes: ok, we are getting the prices for a banner, some folders and rent 2 laptops
  • AlexMaier: we will try to get them to all active ambassadors as soon as we can
  • RodrigoMenezes: we are thinking in 2000 DVDs for this event but we're wainting for FC5 release
  • AlexMaier: we will try to help you as much as possible
  • 2006-03-30
  • RodrigoPadula reports via email
  • We obtain to approve a lecture, communitarian event (lecture) and one stand for fedora group of users!
  • We will need 2500/3000 DVDs of the FC5 to distribute and 50 t-shirts.
  • All financial support and of material for this event will be very welcome.