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| ''Nirjhar'' || '' +91-9883988354''  
| ''Nirjhar'' || '' +91-9883988354''  
|'' PAULAMI '' || ''+91-9883046019''
|'' Paulami '' || ''+91-9883046019''
| ''Peeyush'' || ''+91-9163659840 ''
| ''Peeyush'' || ''+91-9163659840 ''

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FedoraEvents Header EventN1.png

Fedora And Open Source Projects, GCECT, Kolkata

Fedora 14 Release Party

A Fedora 14, release get-together for Fedora and Linux interested folks, Webel IT Training members and trainers.

When and Where

Time 10:30-01:00 and Date 11th Jan 2011(new date, the previous date is changed since on 10th Jan 2011 there is a holiday).

Venue: Govt. College Of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, Government Of West Bengal, 73, Abinash Chandra Banerjee Lane, Kolkata-700 010, West Bengal, India.

The Map of the location can be found here Google Map

Event's Activities

I. New Users(duration: 15mins+ time for installation 20mins approx +):

1. Information about fedora, open source, etc
2. Something about Installation.
3. Others(free to suggest).

II. Normal Users.(duration: 15mins + )

1. Network Configuration
2. Some Misconception.
3. Working with fedora Tools, like GIMP, InkScape, etc.
4. Others(free to suggest).

III. Advance Users.(duration:15mins + )

1. Firewall
2. OpenVPN.
3. Open Cloud.
4. Others(free to suggest).
5. SELinux.

Quiz:(duration: 15mins)

1. Quiz 

Distribution Of Gifts:

1. Fedora T-shirt.
2. Fedora f14 DVD.
3. and more.

Event Sponsors

  • Webel
  • Fedora + Redhat
  • more will be added later on.

How can I Join this?

If you like to join this event please send a with:

  • Name.
  • College,Stream,Year,Roll/Company/Other.
  • Contact No.

Deadlines for Event

What Who Till Status
Taken Permission From both of the HODs Prabin 29th Nov, 2010 Done!
Taken Permission From Principal Ghose and Paulomi 27th Nov, 2010 Processing!
Procure Stickers & LiveMedia Prabin 20th Dec, 2010 Processing!
Projector on event day NJ 20th Dec, 2010 Pending!
Event Advertisement Arin, Amit 5th Jan,2011 Processing!
Notice for this event Prabin 29th Nov,2010 Processing!
Registration Arin 20th Dec, 2010 Processing!
SlideShow Peeyush 31th Dec, 2010 Pending!
Print Manuals/Leaflets/Posters Prabin 20th Dec, 2010 Processing!
Setup Auditorium for Event -Need to be taken- 7th Jan, 2011 Processing!
Quiz Prosun (Webel) 7th Jan, 2011 Processing!
Query/Question Ghose 9th Jan 2011 Processing!

Note: If someone like to work as volunteers

List Of Volunteers

Name Phone No.
Arin +91-9830759295
Amit +91-9804022038
Nirjhar +91-9883988354
Paulami +91-9883046019
Peeyush +91-9163659840
Rahul Ghose +91-8100297469
Rahul Drolia +91-8013489896

Note: If someone like to work as volunteers

All Tickets for this event

Ticket Number Link Status
#116 Fedora-India New!


If you have any question in mind feel free to drop a